A double-degree graduate from HK PolyU.
BSc Computing, BSc Geomatics (Geo-IT)
included in the Dean's Honours List

Flying Experience

Timothy flew for the first time in Jan, 2016.


Timothy worked closely with different teams as a web/mobile developer during his 48-week placement at Cossip Girl Limited in 2013/14.
The app was downloaded over 60,000 times.

Cantonese AutoScribe

Timothy devised a new method to build Cantonese acoustic models in his final year project (FYP).
After that, he joined a research team to build a speech recognition engine using one of his acoustic models and Chinese language models built by other members.

Prior to his graduation, he published his first research paper with the team in LREC 2016. He moved on with the team to develop a user interface for the engine targeting children with dysgraphia. Once approved, Cantonese-speaking students with specific learning disabilities may be allowed to use the system in public examinations to answer their papers by speech instead of handwriting.


Timothy developed an Xbox Indie game about archery in a team of 6 during year 2. With absolutely no console game development experience before, it took them 5 days and 4 nights for actual coding: aerodynamics, collision detection, skinned animation, controller input, tactile feedback, sound effects, particle system, etc.

Delivering the best project in class, they were nominated to be interviewed by TVB News "Finance Magazine".


“He participated in every phase of the software development process so as to ensure high quality of our products. Mr. Wong is self-motivated, reliable and can work well under pressure.”

“Mr. Wong is open-mined, dedicated, and reliable. He is a fast learner and is able to learn new technology in depth on his own. He is patient and is able to troubleshoot issues effectively.”

“Generally speaking, Timothy strikes me as model student: intelligent, mature, independent, and pleasant to be with. He is very determined to make some mark in this world.”